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Home PC clean-up and optimization is $38.50 an hour, with one hour minimum, in ½ hour increments. We come to your home and a full scan of each PC is performed. All unnecessary files are analyzed and programmatically removed. Virus', Ad-Ware, Trojans, and numerous intrusive programs  are purged and a PC Quick Reference ‘System Housekeeping’ guide is provided so that we don’t have to ‘re-visit’ to perform another basic PC Optimization. Should you want us to ‘re-visit’ within 30 days of the initial call, we provide a FREE 30 minute (maximum) remote login, to ‘tweak’ your system, or show you additional features.

Additional remote login is $19 an hour, with ¼ hour increments. 


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*PC Maintenance provides you scheduled optimization of your PC, via remote or on-site. Inquiry